'Boasting an original comic voice, assured musicianship, and a beguiling onstage presence, she's a genuine triple threat.'



Tamar is a writer, improviser, comedian, actor, singer-songwriter and banana bread fan based in London.


She is a writer of scripts, sketches, comedy shows, musicals, songs and fiction. And blurbs. (She wrote this blurb.)


Tamar has written five solo comedy shows, of which Get Ugly was nominated for Best Comedy at Fringeworld and 
Best Life transferred to the SoHo Playhouse in New York. Listen to her catchy, funny story-songs here

Tamar has written for BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show
Sketchtopia and Fresh From the Fringe. She wrote and starred in a pilot based on her one-woman show Best Life with Fiction Valley (Fremantle) NL, and wrote the book for Club Mex, a coming-of-age musical comedy, co-written with John-Victor and produced by Global Musicals (Six). 


From 2018-2019, Tamar worked as a main stage performer at American improv theatre Boom Chicago, where she wrote sketches and performed long-form, short-form and musical improv five nights a week. 


In the corporate world, Tamar leads workshops in public speaking, team building, creating communication and more. She is also an event host.


In her free time, she enjoys singing, being horizontal and drinking as much wine as is stereotypically expected of a 30-year-old city woman.  

"Talented, bright and funny. I predict a great future"
                                                  - Michael Palin.

'Brings the house down' - ★★★★ The Skinny. 

'Impeccable comic timing' - ★★★★ The Stage. 







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Next showing: Fri 30 Jul 9pm & Sun 1 Aug 6pm
at Above the Stag Theatre, Vauxhall, SE1 7TP

A one-woman-character-comedy-detective-crime-bonanza. 

Stacey Solo is a strong female lead (detective), about to face the toughest case of her career. A strange set of initials appears at every turn, a woman enters the department with no voice and a man is promoted just because he is tall.

With the help of her boss Sam, a wise old police chief who gives cryptic, mysterious advice, and her enthusiastic, stationary-loving assistant Andrea, Stacey must throw the rule book out of the window and solve the summer of silence, before it's too late!

This is a fast-paced, action-packed and utterly ridiculous storytelling comedy show from the mind of Tamar Broadbent (BBC Radio 4, Boom Chicago). Inspired by all your favourite Netflix heroines, with an explosive score by John-Victor (Club Mex), Stacey Solo explores femininity, ambition, how many characters one actor can play and what it really means to be a ‘strong female lead’ in 2021.

'Tamar brings the house down' ★★★★ The Skinny.

'Impeccable comic timing' ★★★★ The Stage.

‘She’s a genuine triple threat.' ★★★★ Fest Mag


The Improvised Tamar Broadbent & Sarah-Louise Young Show 

Fri 20th Aug
Sat 21st Aug 

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Tamar works with companies to provide improv-based workshops that teach public speaking, team building, creative communication and more. These are tailored to the needs your team and range from one-off workshops to 6-week courses. 

“Tamar led the workshop in such a professional and enthusiastic way. The team was super motivated as we went through dynamic exercises together! I'd highly recommend Tamar for team building, improvisation and creative communication.”

Monica Senefonte, Communications & Branding, Tricycle Europe



Tamar is a charming, funny and versatile MC. From singing improvised songs about winners of company awards to hosting talk-show style meetings that have been broadcast across the globe, Tamar can give your event the sparkle and originality it needs to take it to the next level. Whether you need a moderator to entertain the crowd between presentations or a host who can help shape your whole event, Tamar can do it all. Get in touch to see if she is what you're looking for to make your event unforgettable.


View her Presenting Showreel: 

Previous Events

Kempinski NY19 Muscat, Oman

Nordic Business Forum, Finland

Accenture Innovation Awards, NL

ASML Supply Chain All Hands, NL

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“Five Stars! With her professionalism, quick wit and quirky style, Tamar was able to create a perfect blend of informational content and entertainment. We were extremely happy with our choice for Tamar to host the ASML SCM All Hands 2019.” 


Derek van de Meerendonk, GL SCM PLM DUV Project Coordinator SCM All Hands 2019 team



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