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I work with companies to provide improv-based workshops that teach public speaking, team building, creative communication and more. These are tailored to the needs your team and range from one-off workshops to 6-week courses. 

In my 10 years as an improviser, comedian and event host, I have learned that many of the skills used in these disciplines can be harnessed to help people present and communicate better at work.

“Tamar led the workshop in such a professional and enthusiastic way. The team was super motivated as we went through dynamic exercises together! I'd highly recommend Tamar for team building, improvisation and creative communication.”

Monica Senefonte, Communications & Branding, Tricycle Europe

Why improv?

The central principles of improv are listening, supporting your teammates, building on ideas, embracing the unexpected and creating a positive and collaborative environment, all of which are invaluable in the workplace. 

Improv + Team Building

In times like these, when many of us are working from home, maintaining a sense of connection with our colleagues is vital to ensure productivity, team spirit and group cohesion. Improv is a team sport – it is collaborative, supportive and most importantly, fun. In this workshop, various exercises are conducted which allow participants to engage in focused listening, building on teammates’ feedback and creating a positive work environment.  


Public Speaking


In this session, we will work on some of the key skills required for presenting in front of an audience, running exercises to help participants build confidence and deliver their message in an effective manner. Each participant will present a short piece and receive personal constructive feedback to ensure clear takeaways for future use. 

Improv + Creative Communication

Want to create a space where everyone feels comfortable, supported and inspired, ready to put forward their own and build on each others' ideas? This workshop is for you. Participants will be taken through exercises which utilize the key principles of improv to teach creative communication: listening, building on ideas, creating a positive, collaborative environment and dealing with the unexpected. Improv is mentally stimulating, challenging and rewarding, provided you are willing to jump in and take some chances. Pivoting based on the ever-changing conditions around you is a skill set that doesn’t come overnight – so start here! 

Improv + Mindfulness

In this busy, modern age of social media, where anxiety levels are high and we often have to be in multiple places working on numerous projects at once, it can be challenging to stay present. Improv forces you to be in the moment. This workshop includes exercises to help participants become more mindful at work and engage with those around them in a more positive and productive way.

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Additional workshop focus areas include change management, sales, leadership and storytelling.


Get in touch to discuss the needs of your team and which workshop is right for you by filling in the form below. Feel free to ask for more information about any and all of the above. 


Tailor-made packages and pricing based on requirements. 

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